venerdì 19 settembre 2014

4 reasons why ebooks are better than paper books

I always had a psychological block and rejected to read those old yellow books, the too-much-big pages or the ones with a spacing almost non-existent, not to mention the too-much-small letters. I hate the books with too much useful white pages, I hate to fold down the pages, and lose the sign, too-much-big volumes scare me. I can’t stand the paper covers that get lost or consumed, and the pages already read darker than the ones still to be read. I’m disturbed, I know.
So I bought Kindle, and if I apply myself I can convince me that it’s economically reasonable. With some slight forcing.
-  ebooks on Amazon cost less than books – not to mention the free ones downloaded illegally.
-  saving weight in the luggage at the airport – but also Ryanair lifted the weight limit, but we said to force a little, didn’t we?
- now I can stop buying useful bookmarks in “show/museum style”
- my eyes will be examined at last few years later – reading a book of 7000 pages is possible with Kindle’s  “big” character.

martedì 12 agosto 2014

couchsurfing addiction

When you say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
Because it is for necessity and needs that you get in touch with Couchsurfing.

“I found a super-low cost flight to Stockholm, I’ll leave in two weeks!”
“Stockholm is really beautiful, it’s a pity that it’s the most expensive city in Europe!”

Recently it happened to me, and it happened to many people, for any city in the world. Pushed by the idea to find a way to save money till the last cent on holiday, you try to cut at least on the heaviest cost: the accommodation. So you get to know Couchsurfing and a world opens to you.

It’s July, the exams for high school diploma have already finished, the travel planned before is faraway and there’s no responsibility till October. You have two options: watching again the 6 seasons of Sex and the City + the two movies or throw yourself in an adventure without references or certainties. So I decided to begin hosting with Couchsurfing.

I wouldn’t know if Couchsurfing or Ryanair helped me more to discover the world. It’s sure that with the first one I could do it on the veranda, without luggage limits.
Switzerland, Turkey, Honduras, Brasil, Australia, Poland, France, Japan flew to my house. I learnt what the names of Dragon Ball characters mean, how to make origami, and the abc of Japanese and Turkish cousine. I know everything about Brazilian and Polish politics, about Turkish design. I have a boundless knowledge of how people enjoy in Honduras and what you can drink in Poland, about Swiss and French universities and Australian fashion.
I have a complete enough idea on how people see Italians abroad, on how much can be exiting and touching staying in front of St. Mark square or Duomo in Milan.
I saw the shocked faces discovering that Italians can eat a pizza each, I enhanced the beauty of the sound of our language, in addition, finally, to find again the bravery to speak English. I have become an expert in farewells, even though the hope to meet again one day to the other part of the world never dies.

If you’re still wondering what I am talking about, take a look to Couchsurfing, surely one of the pages that changed my life.

lunedì 14 luglio 2014

ISSUU - free gorgeous magazines

KNEON                                                                   FRISCHE

One of my favourite sports is to go to Mondadori in Duomo square and browse for hours all the crazy foreign magazines they have, of course without buying anything because none of them costs less than 10€. As well, it’s  not possible taking pictures to the incredible reports, because – we can say it – it’s not so good, so I come back home every time more down-hearted for all the beauty lost into thin air. In this situation of despair I tried to find something on the web but it didn’t work: some of them are so underground to not have their website (I googled everything, I swear.) In compensation I found out the website that changed my life, where mainly indie magazines - that cannot even afford to print - can publish their editorials on, legally and for free for each reader. And often they’re more beautiful, interesting and original than the ones you buy at the news-stand.
Here the magazines I got addicted to.

mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

gente strana ma bella

Did you know that the things that in common life are absolutely outmode are fashionable in real fashion? Real fashion, the one of whoisinthecircle, is always, paradoxically against the tide. Because it seems by now that to be creative consists just in denying what people think is right and raise as stunning everything people think is wrong. So we’re open to sandals with socks, one-piece swimsuits, men wearing skirts, white hair. I suggest you to throw away your skinny jeans, low waist jeans, stiletto heels and shatush.
And I’ll tell you the truth, I think thecircle fascinated and convinced me.

lunedì 9 giugno 2014

ikea textile

I’m that type of person who gets carried away by passion as soon as learns something new, and wants to try, try, try, as a magic world in which everything seems finally easy was opened. Well, I recently learnt some general guidelines on clothes tailoring, and I was already seeing myself while creating a new dress every day – my time doesn’t cost anything to me and wow, I’ll be full of free clothes. I was wrong. Entering the nearest fabric shop where I live, soon I learnt as lay as I am that a normal piece of linen is more expensive than a nice Zara dress already well-tailored.
Determined not to abandon my heaven made of new dresses aplenty, I found the solution to my problems: Ikea. Yeah, for the people who don’t know it, they sell a lot of pretty fabrics, already put together (hahah), and soft furnishings, but we can pass over this point. I went there on purpose, and I swear I exited with a bag full only of fabrics spending just 33.20€! Surely you have to be careful not to fall too much into the really-too-much -pillows-fantasy, but – with some farsightedness – you can go out with a down market new dress, without the appearance of a couch. At the moment, I chose LENDA in red and beige, TIDNY (we will see if I’m brave enough to go out like this), and MAJKEN, which I already sewed a dress with. in my wishlist: SMABORRE, STOCKHOLM and BJORNLOKA.
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