lunedì 9 giugno 2014

ikea textile

I’m that type of person who gets carried away by passion as soon as learns something new, and wants to try, try, try, as a magic world in which everything seems finally easy was opened. Well, I recently learnt some general guidelines on clothes tailoring, and I was already seeing myself while creating a new dress every day – my time doesn’t cost anything to me and wow, I’ll be full of free clothes. I was wrong. Entering the nearest fabric shop where I live, soon I learnt as lay as I am that a normal piece of linen is more expensive than a nice Zara dress already well-tailored.
Determined not to abandon my heaven made of new dresses aplenty, I found the solution to my problems: Ikea. Yeah, for the people who don’t know it, they sell a lot of pretty fabrics, already put together (hahah), and soft furnishings, but we can pass over this point. I went there on purpose, and I swear I exited with a bag full only of fabrics spending just 33.20€! Surely you have to be careful not to fall too much into the really-too-much -pillows-fantasy, but – with some farsightedness – you can go out with a down market new dress, without the appearance of a couch. At the moment, I chose LENDA in red and beige, TIDNY (we will see if I’m brave enough to go out like this), and MAJKEN, which I already sewed a dress with. in my wishlist: SMABORRE, STOCKHOLM and BJORNLOKA.

domenica 1 giugno 2014

just bored

I think I grew up in these last eight months more than in all my life. I mean, I found myself, I understood what I’m really able to and what I’m not good at. I learnt how to put myself to the test, to sort out for myself, but aboveall (more than anything else) to get bored and astonished with an incredible talent.
Truly, my passion for fashion was born many years ago, when I began to follow the first bloggers who were appearing (yeah, before it was mainstream) and to dream of all their clothes. I’m very alive to how people are dressed on the streets, and street style was my world. Now guys, after 5-6 years of black trousers + white t-shirt + leather jacket I have to say stop. Is it really necessary sharing your outfit of jeans + white t-shirt + shoes of the moment every damn day? I could be envious (yes I am, a lot), but you have a lot of money and opportunities. So, risk, reinvent yourself, let us be surprised! And I’m not saying that shirt + jeans or trousers + t-shirt are  ugly/wrong/boring, but I can understand by myself it is a pretty match. Please, it’s not necessary that you show it every damn day. With love.
And follow Susie of Style Bubble, a blogger and woman who knows how to do it.
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