domenica 18 maggio 2014

life is too short to

Of the series “pills of simple wisdom of an almost-twenty-year-old girl”.
Life is too short to not begin to become what you want to be today. To continue to try to earn money you’ll never enjoy, because you do and will have a job you hate for all your life.
Life is too short to skip the dessert to order twice the same pizza. To finish reading a book you don’t like or to watch a boring movie.
Life is too short to not begin saving money to go to New York, To India, to Thailand, to China or to Australia. It’s too short to lose even only a summer in Riccione.
Life is too short to wear boring clothes and shoes that hurt. To not wear a different necklace or earrings every day. To always have the same hairstyle.
Life is too short for who dream too big. For who don’t believe in himself, and for who believe too much in it.
“Life is too short to waste it and realize other’s dreams.”
Oscar Wilde

venerdì 16 maggio 2014

what I'll buy when I'm rich

 James Hock
It’s a matter of pure envy, I swear. But I’ll never understand who spends 100€ (because it’s possible spend them) for a white t-shirt. So I get indignant about it, I search for a reason inside me, I imagine a conversation with the possible person, trying to explain how many incredible high-quality items exist, result of a deep research of young designers, who look for a place in the fashion world dominated by the same 10-15 famous maison. And I dream about when I’m rich.

(I didn’t write the price because I wanted to cry)

sabato 10 maggio 2014

l'insostenibile leggerezza della dieta

My willpower is something like around zero, whatever the matter is. I'm the classic type of person who excites for two days, and finishes - always and punctually - to let herself go to her weaknesses and to boredom. So, every year May comes and I decide that - when feast days are over - I don't have justifications anymore and I have to lose weight. And not with a view to the swimsuit season at all, I probably go to the seaside once in July and maybe once in August, and only if they force me or I have a lot of time to lose. The only real reasons to lose weight is worth for are: to wear two clothes got back in a jumble from my wardrobe and look like wicked cool anyway, and to eat a lot without feeling so much guilty. Exactly, as soon as I lose one kilo I can’t look forward to pig out, because I have lost one kilo and then I enter in a vicious cycle, which as soon as I allow me to step out of line in my healthy diet, this become a huge mistake and I have to begin all over again.
Will ever exist a moment when we women will stop wanting to lose weight?

venerdì 2 maggio 2014

moda: ma chi te l'ha fatto fare?

9 out of 10 times I tear up when I go to concerts and I tried to understand why for years. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact of seeing famous people, and probably nor with the meaning of the songs. It's that I've always been an emotional person and I break down and cry in front of overwhelming situations or which involve me and move me in some way. My mum says that when I was 12 I used to cry every minute for something different. There's a positive aspect in this: I've never had problems to understand what I'm interested in, and what doesn't barely impress me. It's in this way I understood I like fashion. And I don't mean having a Louis Vuitton or seeing a show on the runway (even if I cried - I absolutely cried - at the first fashion show I luckily participated - Aigner, at Palazzo della Ragione in Milan). I'm talking about being in tune every day with what you wear. Because there are two things it's worth waking up in the morning for: cappuccino with a lot of foam and a beautiful dress to be worn on the streets, or at home too, without posting a photo of it on Instagram. Fashion is only for me and myself, it stays closed in my mind and inevitably goes with me in the metro, at university, at the toilet, at the bar. As far as I'm concerned, wearing a dress that doesn't make me feel good it's worse than wearing a pair of tight shoes. I wanted to be happy and feel good with myself, so I decided to study Fashion, and you never know if someday I'll be able to create something that will make me proud of who I am.And if the others don't like it, who cares.
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