lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

4.50€ for 4 skirts

It's almost New Years eve, finally time to dress up! Today I show you the super cheap skirts I found at the latest flea markets I've been to. What do you think? Are they cool+cheap enough?

Blue skirt: 2€ (Sunday Navigli market - Milan)

lunedì 23 dicembre 2013

Sales Alert

Sales Alert! Today I went to the French brand Promod just to take a look and I found super sales (like 70 or 50%) and with 70€ (it's a lot but it was a generous christmas gift) I bought a dreamy white coat and a blazer. Hurry up cause they end up on 3th Jenuary!
Do you like them?

domenica 22 dicembre 2013

HOW TO: go thrifting (Part 1)

Hi everybody, here's THE POST (part 1).
I'm going to talk about flea markets and thrift shops (vintage is a different theme, later).
I've been to soo many different kinds of markets and thrift shops 'cause I'm that kind of girl that need to own new clothes everyday but my wallet can't afford it.
I found the best thrift shops in New York (read Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn) even if I've been there just for two weeks in my whole life. If we talk about flea markets there is no better city than Paris.
Anyway, this is another story. Let's talk about HOW to buy and WHAT to buy in this situations. These are my basic rules:
  • search for timeless stuff and I think the best ones are basically sweaters, shirts, skirts, bags, coats.
  • do not ever buy trousers or jeans: you can't try them and wearing them too tight or too loose is not possible (I'm optimistic with clothes and my closet is full of too tight jeans)
  • if you want to buy a shirt or a blouse always look at cuffs, collar and buttons cause they're the first things that deteriorate. Do not trust yellow collars, they won't turn clean just with a machine wash
  • always wash clothes before wearing them
  • coats: I like them overized but get yourself a limit, enough is enough
  • the best time to visit them is just before the closing time, when sellers want to get rid of anything and you can find clothes for half the price 
  • but the best advice ever, especially if you don't have clear ideas about what you like, is to follow some fashionable people and steal clothes from their hands ahah!

  • Wait for part 2 for more information on how to buy skirts, bags, shoes and hats.

mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013

14,50€ for 5 sweaters

Here in Milan winter has just arrived and knitwear is becoming my best friend.
I would wear them everyday, with jeans or high wasted skirt, so that's why I feel like I always need new ones.
Everytime I go to a flea market (and trust me, I go to flea markets very very often..) I can't stop myself buying sweaters. They've always been quite basic shaped so you can find a lot of them, even back from the 90s, which look pretty fashionable even if they're old fashion, and you don't even have to search for the right size (flea markets are the only places where I thinks that beeing fat is super cool) cause what's better then a soft oversized sweater?
I will surely write a post (or more then one!!) about how to shop at thrift shops and flea markets and about my favorite ones. Now just some snaps from my wardrobe. Make some comparisons, do you think is it worth it?

domenica 8 dicembre 2013

basic rules

Here's Eleonora.
My rules:
  I won't ever ever talk about anything is more then 100€
  I won't ever say that 10% off is a discount: let's be honest, are you joking?
  Abercrombie, Hollister, Hogan, Lacoste, Hunter, Freitag (etc etc) are not fashion, they're human foolishness.
The others are coming, follow me and you'll discover all of them!

Here some daily, basic, super stylish inspiration

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