venerdì 25 aprile 2014

blogger of the week - Love Aesthetic

I appreciate Ivana from Love Aesthetic for the way she’s able to be totally loyal to herself and her style, focused uniquely on black and white. Despite that, she’s never banal in any way, on the contrary she’s able to be more original than a lot of other bloggers in the world. And what can I say about her unlimited clutches? Perfection.

giovedì 24 aprile 2014

thrift sunday #3

Last Sunday market shopping, after which I decided to take a great break to save money for something new because – you know – vintage items are cheap and tempting, but if you wear only those clothes you dangerously risk to look alike someone coming from the 1990s, and there’s nothing good in the 1990s.

Bag (the best for the gym): 90 cent
Errea shorts: 1€
Luisa Spagnoli tank top: 1€
Knitted crop top: 2€

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

my personal energy

It's true, white is ideal for spring and summer, it spreads a sense of balance, serenity and quietness. However, you can't live always down-to-earth. The stroke of energy that a touch of colour can give you is  invaluable. And believe me, inspiration can come unexpectedly as from a starry sky, as from a multitude of flowers, and the same from the reflection of the sun on a wall. Shown below some moodboards I did on paper in the last months. 

domenica 13 aprile 2014

what if

Between the International Furnishing Exhibition and other activities, I was missing quite a lot but I count on being forgiven soon. It’s exactly among the events that invaded the city in these days, observing  every type of people, that I developed some considerations about what the value of money is for me.
I came to the conclusion that with the money spent for a Louis Vuitton, I would leave for Japan tomorrow.
With the money spent for shatush, I would buy hair masks for a year.
If I could buy Beats headphones, I’d rather choose 4 or 5 concert tickets.
If someone gifted me a Tiffany ring, I would sell it to fill up my house with blooming flowers.
Instead of buying a pair of Hogan and looking like a post-menopausal 50-year-old woman, I’d prefer these, these, and these shoes to my collection.
Instead of staying three weeks per year on holiday in a 4 star hotel, I’d swap my flat with one at the first stair with the garden.
Probably it’s only a matter of priority.

domenica 6 aprile 2014

searching for the right white

(Zara - 39.95€, 49.95€)
For me, spring and summer mean white. My wardrobe is full of white dresses, tank tops, and shirts, that I really can't put on during winter, I can't explain why. My last obsession of the week is white trousers. I've never had ones, perhaps because I'm not too self-confident, and white trousers - above all skinny, as I want them now - don't mask anything.
While I'm searching some of them around, I imposed a rule on me: I'm not going to buy them until I've gone running at least 10 times from today. So I go, bye!

venerdì 4 aprile 2014

paris thrift

Last post about Paris, I promise. Clearly I couldn't miss some vintage/used-items markets, which the French capital is at the centre of the world for. Above all short-sleeves shirts, and trousers, looking to summer. What do you think about it?

Shirts: 3€ each
Trousers: 5€ each

martedì 1 aprile 2014

parisian farirytale

Coming in Paris is the beginning of a fairytale. And as it is made of princesses, castles, and heroes, you realize the ville lumierewelcomed you thanks to some details. The first “Brasserie” sign, ivory on a red background if possible. The outline of the Eiffel Tower that – you don’t know how it can do it – appears among the buildings, wherever you turn around. A man with a baguette, and another one, and another one again. The blue plaque in Rue de Rivoli and an indication to the Opera. The tree-lined avenues in the center, but also in the suburbia, and a guy skating among people. A girl, with the fringe and a striped t-shirt, runs on her heels like she has never done anything different in all her life. And everyone lived happily ever after.
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