venerdì 28 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Lucitisima

I discovered Lucitisima pretty much... Today! I couldn't stop searching for her old looks (I looked until something like September 2013) and now I can do without it. I was seriously tempted to go out and buy a pair of white jeans, above all because almost everything Lucita wears is from H&M or Zara (like the marble ones I absolutely have to find). Discovering a new blogger is a great satisfaction!

giovedì 27 marzo 2014

don't pay the gym!

Surely, gym is a great monthly cost I’m trying to avoid in every way. Anyway, it doesn’t mean to neglect workout, not because it’s useful for one’s health and all that blablabla, but just because I love to eat and I need a way to keep fit. I already told you about the Nike+Running app in this post, but when it rains, it’s cold outside, or time is not enough you need a way to manage at home. I searched a lot (and I continue to do it) a series of specific exercises for each part of the body. At the moment the ones I am comfortable with are the following. Try them! (At the beginning I didn’t know the name of the exercise too, but you can just google the exact words and you’ll find a billion images of them).

martedì 25 marzo 2014

hairdresser - 8€

Desperate fashionista has her hair cut. By a Chinese hairdresser, obviously. In fact this is one of my favourite ways to save money. You can’t avoid this opportunity if you’re people like me, who go to the hairdresser just for “a little trim”, and exit with straighter hair than the Imetec advertising. Just for 8€, after half an hour you’ll exit with the hair of the most appropriate Avril Lavigne in her “Complicated” videoclip. They don’t bend even in case of 70% of humidity, as it was today, without considering that the experience at the hairdresser is purified by old gossipers and useful chatter. What can I ask more?

lunedì 24 marzo 2014

my outfits lately

It's above all in these rainy days at the end of March that there's nothing that makes me happier than a little bit of colour. In fact in the last days I got carried away by the new trend, that takes yellow, blue and pale pink on the streets. Forgive me for green, unfortunately I have a bad addiction, and you can't joke on this. 
Here are for you some outfits just got up, and some others ready to be worn in the next days.

sabato 22 marzo 2014

a sort of home

You take up residence on your own, without money, shared with other people, in a house furnished in the 70s, and even in a bad way. Your only relief valve can be your bedroom, usually small and spare.
Shown below some photos of simple, possible, lowcost, funny,  solutions to transform an anonymous room-pit into something that can be like your “home sweet home”.

giovedì 20 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Frassy

For me  Frassy is: wide skirts, pastel tones, crazy hair, tiny height, double polka dots, puff sleeves, Audrey glasses, and above all Paris. “A spontaneous overflow of fashion”, using her words. At this point, I think it’s taken for granted why I’m obsessed about her blog.

martedì 18 marzo 2014

ode to simplicity

“Luxury is the expression of rude wealth that wants to shock who remained poor. It's the expression of the importance given to appearance, and reveals the lack of interest in everything is cultural elevation. It's the triumph of appearance on substance.
Luxury is necessary for a lot of people who want an impression of supremacy on the others. But the others, if they're civil people they know luxury is fiction, if they're ignorant people they'll admire and probably envy who live in clover. But who's interested in the admiration of ignorant people? Maybe stupid people.
For example: how a gold tap can be necessary? If some polluted water spills from that gold tap, isn't it smarter putting a purifier keeping the normal taps with the same costs? So, luxury is the wrong use of expensive materials, which don't improve the purpose.
In other words, I want to say that luxury is not a problem of design”.
Bruno Munari, “Da cosa nasce cosa”, 1981

lunedì 17 marzo 2014

lowcost magazine editorial

It's true, I'm subscribed to ELLE magazine, I confess, and I often fall in love with its articles. But I'm sorry, my favourite fashion shootings are for sure the ones by D Repubblica, which gives you newspaper+weekly publication for 1.60€. Lowcost wins, one more time.

sabato 15 marzo 2014

travelling is always a good idea

We all know that travelling is awesome, it’s not necessary saying it. But is it really useful visiting thousand places, tasting briefly some little thing under the summer sun, led by who knows which tour guide or similar? I don’t know, this is not my style. Finding some time to go some days on a strange vacation, in an unusual period in which Ryanair begs us on its knees to get on its plane, is always possible. And my surprising advice is: come back in the same place, more times, in different seasons, in the distance of years, because it’s better knowing and understanding a place, a culture, a population deeply, rather than being strangers, or better tourists, everywhere. Maybe I’ll grow up, I’ll realize I haven’t enough time to visit all the countries I want to, and I’ll change my mind drastically, but it’s not the time. Is there anyone else like me?
If yes, or also if not, in two weeks I’ll leave to Paris for the ninth (or tenth?) time, spending 55€ for the flight, round flight I mean. My boyfriend will accompany me, and - as always – my friend Ryanair, that leaves from Bergamo, from Milan for 4€ and comes back from Paris for 15€ (alas!). and yes, distances are measured in euros, because kilometers and time don’t exist; they’re discovery, travel experience, while money doesn’t grow on trees. Even easier and often cheaper, Thello night train leaves from Venice or Milan for 35€ and gives you good morning in the center of Paris, usually enriching you with some new curious knowledge. And then, there’s someone lucky to have a brother that lives there; for all the others, couch surfing exists.
And the holiday is served.

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Cuillère à absinthe

My mood of this week is for sure that of Cuillère à absinthe.
I’m partial to her hair, her fringe, the vintage tone of her photos, to stripes and polka dots,  faded denim, gray, and her loafers. Saying that Typhaine is a great inspiration is not enough, for me she’s rather a model.

martedì 11 marzo 2014

super basic

Last day on holiday before the beginning of the second semester and I can enjoy it just wearing a very simple outfit, and a dose of relaxing polka dots. Yeah, they’re an addiction to all intents and purposes.

lunedì 10 marzo 2014

HOW TO: make a 2.50€ clutch

As I told you yesterday, I found this fabric sample - probably made for upholstery – at the Sunday morning flea market for 2€. I bought there the zip for 50 cent, too. Just not to waste anything about the weave I love, I decided to make a big-enough-clutch to contain a magazine (and the other thousand things I take with me when I go out). The realization is very easy and fast, you need only a sewing machine.

domenica 9 marzo 2014

thrift sunday #2

It’s incredible how spring can be felt even in such an alien-to-nature city as Milan. It’s impossible to escape from the sun light of these days. As far as I’m concerned the best way to take advantage of a Sunday March morning is – scoop – to get lost among the stands of a flea market. With the help of my complete meteoropathy, I can consider the shopping I made today one of the best of my career as markets scrutineer.
  • ·High waist light jeans: 1€. Usually my rule is not to buy trousers but these one had clearly the size written inside, so I didn’t have any doubt. These are satisfactions.
  • ·Dotted dress + belt: 1€. To tell the truth, at the beginning my attention was captured by the belt in a corner (and, yes, by its dots), and I’d bought it without any problem for 1€. Unfortunately, I got the dress with it – with polka dots, too – and of my size. What a bad luck.
  • ·Cloth remnant: 2€. It doesn’t say anything on its own, even if the weave is  irresistible.  The aim is to make a clutch or something similar.  I hope to see the result in the next days.
Target of the next market: more bags, less clothes. 

venerdì 7 marzo 2014

apps - Top 5

I want to thank technology for sure, and aboveall the Appstore. Although we’re talking about a huge world, and who knows how many apps I’ll discover in the future, I want to share the ones I depend on at the moment and that makes me save (or I think they do) a lot of money.
Il ringraziamento di oggi va sicuramente alla tecnologia, ma soprattutto all'appstore. Per quanto sia un mondo immenso e chissà quante app ancora scoprirò in futuro, per il momento voglio condividere quelle da cui ormai dipendo è che ogni giorno mi fanno risparmiare (o mi illudo che mi facciano risparmiare) molti soldini.

Hoy quiero agradecer la tecnología y sobre todo el Appstore. Es un mundo inmenso, y quien sa cuántas apps aún descubriré en futuro, ahora quiero compartir las de que dependo a esta altura y que me hacen ahorrar (o creo que me hacen ahorrar) mucho dinero.

Sure, it’s not as I’m going to a nutritionist, but this app allows me to organize my meals according to weight, measures, tastes and activities I do during the day, however it doesn’t allow me to lose more than a kilo per week (which I think is the right amount). The option I prefer is the grocery list that is already ready: a dream.
Non sarà certo come andare dal dietologo, ma questa app permette di organizzare i propri pasti in base al proprio peso, alle proprie misure, ai gusti e alle attività svolte durante la giornata anche se non permette di perdere più di un chilo a settimana (e mi sembra pure giusto). L'opzione che preferisco è la lista della spesa già pronta, un sogno.

Por cierto no es como ir al dietista, pero esta app permite organizar las comidas según el peso, las misuras, los gustos y las actividades hechas durante el día, pero no permite perder más de un kilo por semana (que creo es la justa cantidad). La elección que prefiero es la lista de la compra ya preparada, un sueño.

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Do the Hotpants

The blogger of the week is DO THE HOTPANTS. I love the way Dana can be so original and chic, mixing ethnic and minimal, and playing without taking herself too seriously. Moreover, she deserves a visit just for her brilliant and autoironical comments on looks, poses, and expressions. You absolutely can't miss it. 

lunedì 3 marzo 2014

fuori casa ho imparato che

Only five months passed since I left mum and dad, but I think I've never learnt so many things in all my life. For example: sheets and towels don't change on their own, magically. Books are the best company during a journey, but unfortunately people on train prefer screaming at the phone. Big luggage is more convenient than thousands small bags, and not even in the best astrological-physical-meteorological conditions you can trust in Trenitalia. Breakfast is prepared the night before, during advertising on tv, and pasta and biscuits are never enough.  And grocery shopping at 7pm - when you begin to be hungry , and you would buy 7 kinds of cheese and 12 of biscuits - hurts, to your diet and wallet. In spite of everything a good sandwich saves your meal, even if you're at home. And thanks God if when you get a bad mark is less terrible than when your mum asks: “How was at school?” in the moment you enter home. However, shopping alone (apart from being really sad) is also absolutely deleterious because you finish to buy every useful thing, aboveall if you live in Milan, and every walk concludes in corso Buenos Aires. And unfortunately my cat really doesn't want to go into my luggage. 

sabato 1 marzo 2014

HOW TO tighten a skirt

As you can see I’m completely addicted to polka dots. I buy everything is dotted (sheets too) and several times I found myself drawing them on several objects, even on a pair of shoes. So when I saw this skirt on a stand of secondhand clothes for 1€ I wasn’t able to resist. And as often happens, when I came home I saw it was too big, so as soon as I had a moment I engaged in tighten it. Anyway the passages are simple, you only need a sewing machine and being able to switch it on. I didn’t do a precise job because - honestly – for me it wasn’t necessary... but aboveall because I didn’t feel like doing it!
I unsewed the button, some centimeters of wristband, the zip (only on one side), and the remainder of the skirt side to the bottom. I eliminated the exeeded part, I pinned again the new side and the zip, and I sewed all. I shorten the wristband, closed it again and fastened again the button on the new overlapped part.
The exceeding stripe will soon evolve into a hairband.
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