venerdì 19 settembre 2014

4 reasons why ebooks are better than paper books

I always had a psychological block and rejected to read those old yellow books, the too-much-big pages or the ones with a spacing almost non-existent, not to mention the too-much-small letters. I hate the books with too much useful white pages, I hate to fold down the pages, and lose the sign, too-much-big volumes scare me. I can’t stand the paper covers that get lost or consumed, and the pages already read darker than the ones still to be read. I’m disturbed, I know.
So I bought Kindle, and if I apply myself I can convince me that it’s economically reasonable. With some slight forcing.
-  ebooks on Amazon cost less than books – not to mention the free ones downloaded illegally.
-  saving weight in the luggage at the airport – but also Ryanair lifted the weight limit, but we said to force a little, didn’t we?
- now I can stop buying useful bookmarks in “show/museum style”
- my eyes will be examined at last few years later – reading a book of 7000 pages is possible with Kindle’s  “big” character.
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