giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

zara kids - per adulti

I show you my new passion in the field of economy. Zara kids. It’s already a few time I buy skirts at H&M kids because they costs less and they’re often cuter than some horrors at H&M adults. But the real turning point is the new items of the new collection by Zara, they seems designed according to my tastes. There are little flowers, lace, pastel colours, bon-ton dresses, and they surely costs less than the majority of adults dresses. Sizes go to 164cm. one of the few advantages of being a little person!

mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014

striped dress - 35€

This is my best friend in “What do I wear?” mornings. After all stripes, as polka dots, always work and never go out of style for me.
I’m very attached to these photos taken almost a year ago by my friend Diletta, to that Mango dress bought in Antwerp more than a year ago, and to my short hair that, who knows, maybe will return.

martedì 25 febbraio 2014

blogger of the week - Anything Else

Going back to our blogger of the week. I think my weakness for fringe and vintage is not a secret, and it’s exactly for this reason that  Anithing Else is absolutely one of my favourite blogs. At least someone able to valorize totally, without needing legs a meter and a half long, with items always cheap and often available online. Thank you Lucia.

lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

watercolor outfit

I’m a great supporter of dreams, which become loyal fellows when you can’t afford the things you dream. Some days ago I was very bored and I tried to draw some outfits, entirely composed by real items. I think I’ll do it again, but on a different paper.

venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

shoes: 15€ and 10€

To tell the truth, I’m not a big fan of secondhand shoes, aboveall because most of the times they’re too consumed or extremely ridiculous. Only two times it happened I found some decent pieces according to my tastes. I found the first pair more than a year ago in Paris for 15€. I already used them a lot of times, and when I bought them they were in a really good condition. On the other hand, the second pair comes from the Milanese markets: I bought them for 10€ and I used them only three times, although they’re very comfortable.

giovedì 20 febbraio 2014

fashion week streetstyle

Ok, we can speak about it. We’re in full Milanese fashion week, and as far as being present at a fashion show live can be extremely exciting, actually what will be in next winter is not really my first thought, at the moment. Aboveall if it’s a matter of items with two zeros too much forward the price. And considering how obtaining an invitation for any fashion show is impossible, there’s no doubt it’s better resign myself and continue dreaming.
But what really makes fashion week so exciting for me is the crowd of fashion-addicted people, who crowd the streets around the cult places of fashion shows because, you know, fashion is born and grows on the streets. Exactly yesterday afternoon, taking courage under the Milanese rain, after being part of an out-and-out fashion show, I decided to station forward the location of Alberta Ferretti show - because I was near that area - ten minutes before its beginning. Here, unexpectedly, within ten minutes,  I saw my greatest idols (in fashion) passing forward me - among which Dulceida, Eleonora Carisi, Anna Dello Russo, Chiara Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro and many more with their incredible mise, for fashion week indeed - shrouded by a big  group of photographers. Surely also the less known hosts (at least at first sight) represented a considerable - and free – window of trends for next season.
Shown below some streetstyle photos of the New York and London fashion week, in which I clearly couldn’t take part.

martedì 18 febbraio 2014

blogger of the week - FASHION FRAMBOISE

New column: blogger of the week. Framboise Fashion: I love Sarah and her thousand vintage pieces. She helps me believing I can get decently dressed without spending too much. I fell in love with her blazers and… I certainly need a market now.

lunedì 17 febbraio 2014

restyling a 4€ bag

I bought this bag some months ago at a Parisian market for 4€. Obviously, after having mistreated it around some times, the handle began to break. After all, even if it would be disposable, I would have bought it the same, just for 4€. Well, the work was already done, I was attached to it and I searched a way to save it. With the help of my vice to not throw away anything, I recycled this little fabric stripe, bottom of a dress shortened some time ago, and I wrapped it up around the handle. I can say I like it even more than before!

domenica 16 febbraio 2014

thrift sunday #1

To tell the truth it was last Sunday, but I’m on holiday and my senses slow down.

Yellow sweater: 50 cents
White sweater: 1€
Coat: 4€
3 fashion books: 5€

I think is one of the first times I don’t regret any of the items I bought. On the contrary, once I came home, I realized I bought more beautiful and useful things I imagined. It’s the case of these three awesome books, that are giving me great satisfactions, starting from the negotiation for the price.  Unexplainably, they wanted me to buy them with other two books in German for 10€ (for all five ones). I decide not to buy the books in German, not because they’re in German, as I logically had to, but just because they are too heavy and unwieldy to take them home. Sick logic that saved me. I reduce the price of the three books left to 6€. It follows a magic moment where the seller doesn’t have the change, he gives me 5€ and I run away. Almost better than that time when they gave me 10€ more of change and I paid a pair of vintage shoes 15€ instead of 25. Probably it’s my irresistible charm’s fault..

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

new shoes - 19.90€

(h&m - 19.90€)
It all comes from an intellectual me, who wants to go visiting the Pinacoteca of Brera, hoping for a free entrance passing me off as an Architecture student - after all the major you attend is not written on the Politecnico pass. Well, it seems that at the ticket office of Brera a lot of students of the Poli have been seen, and they knew I would have been both an engineer (???) and a designer. And when they asked me to prove I'm attending Architecture, I had to slip away, just not to pay 3€ for the ticket (that I didn't even have). Sad and depressed, I decided  that the only way to take comfort was to go shopping. Accidentally, I bumped into these shoes by H&M: it was two years they were on its website, but I've never been able to find them in stores. Morale: to not spend 3€ for the ticket, I spent 20€ for a pair of shoes :D Anyway I'm satisfied... I think they're a great alternative to the more famous Jeffrey Campbell or to Superga, and maybe I rather like them a little more (pure belief), even though they'll last a little less (above all on my feet...).

martedì 11 febbraio 2014

when I grow up I want to be: ELEONORA CARISI

What are fashion, style, and class for me? On one hand they're a lot of bullshits created by magazines/expensive brands/people with a lot of money, on the other hand they're people like Eleonora Carisi, who surely has a lot of money but she found how to use it not to be expected nor ridiculous in any way (in reverse to other “fashion icons” who crowd the streets during fashion week).
When i'll be able to achieve the all-Italian elegance of this marvellous girl, please apprise me. My life will have sense. 

domenica 9 febbraio 2014

50 shades of yellow

In the end yesterday I went accidentally to Zara. While I was directed to the latest sales – cleverly put at the rear of the store – I wasn’t able to avoid looking at the new collection. It’s more than clear that the colour chosen for this spring is every inch yellow. From canary yellow to lemon, with shades of mustard. Better if matches with some shades of blue. So today I fell back on the stands of a flea market and… I found a pastel yellow sweater for 50 cents! When they say fashion returns… I’m ready for spring.

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

un mese per me

Exams finished! No idea on their results – obviously – but knowing I’ll can dedicate next month only to myself and to my thousand projects I have in mind (how many of them will I realize?) it’s enough, and this makes me enthusiastic. The weather is clearly against me and I suspect rain will have the best on my trusted weekend markets, which I haven’t been able to visit for so long. The fact is that I’m completely without money, but with an uncontrollable need (hahah) of new clothes. I think time and will to go through will finally help me fixing those items I bought with great (too much) confidence for few money in a vague (and useless) hope to tighten/shorten/modify them with my new super beautiful sewing machine. Will I be able to do it? We will see on the next days. In the meantime I’ll delight my first night of pure and cheerful freedom, and I’ll delete all alarm clocks from my phone.
To tell the truth, I am always me, so I already have a great list of all the things I have to do these days, among which going to the Sunday morning market at Navigli (if the weather allows me to). Visiting the tourist Milan, aboveall by walk, without destination and swiftness (that is the same as swearing, in Milan). Visiting the Pinacoteca of Brera: I’ve often been to the stationary shop ahead, but I’ve never entered the museum (scandal!). Reading at least two books from the beginning to the end – the first one will be for sure “The Master and Margarita”. Going to the gym for at least more than an hour a day, and in the moment my subscription will expire beginning again to go running seriously. Seriously. Seriously, it will never happen seriously. Making the very last round in the shops with sales up to 70%, hoping for the “stroke of luck of the season”, for that piece found for very few money in which nobody saw its potential, snobbed up to your arrival, and the reason you will be proud of until next season. To finally relax yourself the entire afternoon at the park, better if it’s a sunny day, thank you. Sewing something for me, from the beginning to the end and without excuses. Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping until you feel bad, and having breakfast in bed.

martedì 4 febbraio 2014

fast lunch for 50cent

That moment, during your exams in which you don't even have time or money to cook yourself a real meal. Instant noodles come to save you. 1 minute microwave to boil 200ml of water and 3 minutes to make them absorb it and..lunch served.
I'm in love with these ones from Tiger, just 50cent per pack. I like to eat them with chopsticks to feel that exotic taste.

Aquel momento, durante tus examines, en el cual no tienes tiempo ni dinero para cocinar una verdadera comida. Noodles instantáneos llegan para salvarte. Un minuto en horno de microndas para hervir 200ml de agua y 3 minutos para que la absorban y... Comida servida.

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