venerdì 19 settembre 2014

4 reasons why ebooks are better than paper books

I always had a psychological block and rejected to read those old yellow books, the too-much-big pages or the ones with a spacing almost non-existent, not to mention the too-much-small letters. I hate the books with too much useful white pages, I hate to fold down the pages, and lose the sign, too-much-big volumes scare me. I can’t stand the paper covers that get lost or consumed, and the pages already read darker than the ones still to be read. I’m disturbed, I know.
So I bought Kindle, and if I apply myself I can convince me that it’s economically reasonable. With some slight forcing.
-  ebooks on Amazon cost less than books – not to mention the free ones downloaded illegally.
-  saving weight in the luggage at the airport – but also Ryanair lifted the weight limit, but we said to force a little, didn’t we?
- now I can stop buying useful bookmarks in “show/museum style”
- my eyes will be examined at last few years later – reading a book of 7000 pages is possible with Kindle’s  “big” character.

martedì 12 agosto 2014

couchsurfing addiction

When you say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
Because it is for necessity and needs that you get in touch with Couchsurfing.

“I found a super-low cost flight to Stockholm, I’ll leave in two weeks!”
“Stockholm is really beautiful, it’s a pity that it’s the most expensive city in Europe!”

Recently it happened to me, and it happened to many people, for any city in the world. Pushed by the idea to find a way to save money till the last cent on holiday, you try to cut at least on the heaviest cost: the accommodation. So you get to know Couchsurfing and a world opens to you.

It’s July, the exams for high school diploma have already finished, the travel planned before is faraway and there’s no responsibility till October. You have two options: watching again the 6 seasons of Sex and the City + the two movies or throw yourself in an adventure without references or certainties. So I decided to begin hosting with Couchsurfing.

I wouldn’t know if Couchsurfing or Ryanair helped me more to discover the world. It’s sure that with the first one I could do it on the veranda, without luggage limits.
Switzerland, Turkey, Honduras, Brasil, Australia, Poland, France, Japan flew to my house. I learnt what the names of Dragon Ball characters mean, how to make origami, and the abc of Japanese and Turkish cousine. I know everything about Brazilian and Polish politics, about Turkish design. I have a boundless knowledge of how people enjoy in Honduras and what you can drink in Poland, about Swiss and French universities and Australian fashion.
I have a complete enough idea on how people see Italians abroad, on how much can be exiting and touching staying in front of St. Mark square or Duomo in Milan.
I saw the shocked faces discovering that Italians can eat a pizza each, I enhanced the beauty of the sound of our language, in addition, finally, to find again the bravery to speak English. I have become an expert in farewells, even though the hope to meet again one day to the other part of the world never dies.

If you’re still wondering what I am talking about, take a look to Couchsurfing, surely one of the pages that changed my life.

lunedì 14 luglio 2014

ISSUU - free gorgeous magazines

KNEON                                                                   FRISCHE

One of my favourite sports is to go to Mondadori in Duomo square and browse for hours all the crazy foreign magazines they have, of course without buying anything because none of them costs less than 10€. As well, it’s  not possible taking pictures to the incredible reports, because – we can say it – it’s not so good, so I come back home every time more down-hearted for all the beauty lost into thin air. In this situation of despair I tried to find something on the web but it didn’t work: some of them are so underground to not have their website (I googled everything, I swear.) In compensation I found out the website that changed my life, where mainly indie magazines - that cannot even afford to print - can publish their editorials on, legally and for free for each reader. And often they’re more beautiful, interesting and original than the ones you buy at the news-stand.
Here the magazines I got addicted to.

mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

gente strana ma bella

Did you know that the things that in common life are absolutely outmode are fashionable in real fashion? Real fashion, the one of whoisinthecircle, is always, paradoxically against the tide. Because it seems by now that to be creative consists just in denying what people think is right and raise as stunning everything people think is wrong. So we’re open to sandals with socks, one-piece swimsuits, men wearing skirts, white hair. I suggest you to throw away your skinny jeans, low waist jeans, stiletto heels and shatush.
And I’ll tell you the truth, I think thecircle fascinated and convinced me.

lunedì 9 giugno 2014

ikea textile

I’m that type of person who gets carried away by passion as soon as learns something new, and wants to try, try, try, as a magic world in which everything seems finally easy was opened. Well, I recently learnt some general guidelines on clothes tailoring, and I was already seeing myself while creating a new dress every day – my time doesn’t cost anything to me and wow, I’ll be full of free clothes. I was wrong. Entering the nearest fabric shop where I live, soon I learnt as lay as I am that a normal piece of linen is more expensive than a nice Zara dress already well-tailored.
Determined not to abandon my heaven made of new dresses aplenty, I found the solution to my problems: Ikea. Yeah, for the people who don’t know it, they sell a lot of pretty fabrics, already put together (hahah), and soft furnishings, but we can pass over this point. I went there on purpose, and I swear I exited with a bag full only of fabrics spending just 33.20€! Surely you have to be careful not to fall too much into the really-too-much -pillows-fantasy, but – with some farsightedness – you can go out with a down market new dress, without the appearance of a couch. At the moment, I chose LENDA in red and beige, TIDNY (we will see if I’m brave enough to go out like this), and MAJKEN, which I already sewed a dress with. in my wishlist: SMABORRE, STOCKHOLM and BJORNLOKA.

domenica 1 giugno 2014

just bored

I think I grew up in these last eight months more than in all my life. I mean, I found myself, I understood what I’m really able to and what I’m not good at. I learnt how to put myself to the test, to sort out for myself, but aboveall (more than anything else) to get bored and astonished with an incredible talent.
Truly, my passion for fashion was born many years ago, when I began to follow the first bloggers who were appearing (yeah, before it was mainstream) and to dream of all their clothes. I’m very alive to how people are dressed on the streets, and street style was my world. Now guys, after 5-6 years of black trousers + white t-shirt + leather jacket I have to say stop. Is it really necessary sharing your outfit of jeans + white t-shirt + shoes of the moment every damn day? I could be envious (yes I am, a lot), but you have a lot of money and opportunities. So, risk, reinvent yourself, let us be surprised! And I’m not saying that shirt + jeans or trousers + t-shirt are  ugly/wrong/boring, but I can understand by myself it is a pretty match. Please, it’s not necessary that you show it every damn day. With love.
And follow Susie of Style Bubble, a blogger and woman who knows how to do it.

domenica 18 maggio 2014

life is too short to

Of the series “pills of simple wisdom of an almost-twenty-year-old girl”.
Life is too short to not begin to become what you want to be today. To continue to try to earn money you’ll never enjoy, because you do and will have a job you hate for all your life.
Life is too short to skip the dessert to order twice the same pizza. To finish reading a book you don’t like or to watch a boring movie.
Life is too short to not begin saving money to go to New York, To India, to Thailand, to China or to Australia. It’s too short to lose even only a summer in Riccione.
Life is too short to wear boring clothes and shoes that hurt. To not wear a different necklace or earrings every day. To always have the same hairstyle.
Life is too short for who dream too big. For who don’t believe in himself, and for who believe too much in it.
“Life is too short to waste it and realize other’s dreams.”
Oscar Wilde

venerdì 16 maggio 2014

what I'll buy when I'm rich

 James Hock
It’s a matter of pure envy, I swear. But I’ll never understand who spends 100€ (because it’s possible spend them) for a white t-shirt. So I get indignant about it, I search for a reason inside me, I imagine a conversation with the possible person, trying to explain how many incredible high-quality items exist, result of a deep research of young designers, who look for a place in the fashion world dominated by the same 10-15 famous maison. And I dream about when I’m rich.

(I didn’t write the price because I wanted to cry)

sabato 10 maggio 2014

l'insostenibile leggerezza della dieta

My willpower is something like around zero, whatever the matter is. I'm the classic type of person who excites for two days, and finishes - always and punctually - to let herself go to her weaknesses and to boredom. So, every year May comes and I decide that - when feast days are over - I don't have justifications anymore and I have to lose weight. And not with a view to the swimsuit season at all, I probably go to the seaside once in July and maybe once in August, and only if they force me or I have a lot of time to lose. The only real reasons to lose weight is worth for are: to wear two clothes got back in a jumble from my wardrobe and look like wicked cool anyway, and to eat a lot without feeling so much guilty. Exactly, as soon as I lose one kilo I can’t look forward to pig out, because I have lost one kilo and then I enter in a vicious cycle, which as soon as I allow me to step out of line in my healthy diet, this become a huge mistake and I have to begin all over again.
Will ever exist a moment when we women will stop wanting to lose weight?

venerdì 2 maggio 2014

moda: ma chi te l'ha fatto fare?

9 out of 10 times I tear up when I go to concerts and I tried to understand why for years. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact of seeing famous people, and probably nor with the meaning of the songs. It's that I've always been an emotional person and I break down and cry in front of overwhelming situations or which involve me and move me in some way. My mum says that when I was 12 I used to cry every minute for something different. There's a positive aspect in this: I've never had problems to understand what I'm interested in, and what doesn't barely impress me. It's in this way I understood I like fashion. And I don't mean having a Louis Vuitton or seeing a show on the runway (even if I cried - I absolutely cried - at the first fashion show I luckily participated - Aigner, at Palazzo della Ragione in Milan). I'm talking about being in tune every day with what you wear. Because there are two things it's worth waking up in the morning for: cappuccino with a lot of foam and a beautiful dress to be worn on the streets, or at home too, without posting a photo of it on Instagram. Fashion is only for me and myself, it stays closed in my mind and inevitably goes with me in the metro, at university, at the toilet, at the bar. As far as I'm concerned, wearing a dress that doesn't make me feel good it's worse than wearing a pair of tight shoes. I wanted to be happy and feel good with myself, so I decided to study Fashion, and you never know if someday I'll be able to create something that will make me proud of who I am.And if the others don't like it, who cares.

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

blogger of the week - Love Aesthetic

I appreciate Ivana from Love Aesthetic for the way she’s able to be totally loyal to herself and her style, focused uniquely on black and white. Despite that, she’s never banal in any way, on the contrary she’s able to be more original than a lot of other bloggers in the world. And what can I say about her unlimited clutches? Perfection.

giovedì 24 aprile 2014

thrift sunday #3

Last Sunday market shopping, after which I decided to take a great break to save money for something new because – you know – vintage items are cheap and tempting, but if you wear only those clothes you dangerously risk to look alike someone coming from the 1990s, and there’s nothing good in the 1990s.

Bag (the best for the gym): 90 cent
Errea shorts: 1€
Luisa Spagnoli tank top: 1€
Knitted crop top: 2€

venerdì 18 aprile 2014

my personal energy

It's true, white is ideal for spring and summer, it spreads a sense of balance, serenity and quietness. However, you can't live always down-to-earth. The stroke of energy that a touch of colour can give you is  invaluable. And believe me, inspiration can come unexpectedly as from a starry sky, as from a multitude of flowers, and the same from the reflection of the sun on a wall. Shown below some moodboards I did on paper in the last months. 

domenica 13 aprile 2014

what if

Between the International Furnishing Exhibition and other activities, I was missing quite a lot but I count on being forgiven soon. It’s exactly among the events that invaded the city in these days, observing  every type of people, that I developed some considerations about what the value of money is for me.
I came to the conclusion that with the money spent for a Louis Vuitton, I would leave for Japan tomorrow.
With the money spent for shatush, I would buy hair masks for a year.
If I could buy Beats headphones, I’d rather choose 4 or 5 concert tickets.
If someone gifted me a Tiffany ring, I would sell it to fill up my house with blooming flowers.
Instead of buying a pair of Hogan and looking like a post-menopausal 50-year-old woman, I’d prefer these, these, and these shoes to my collection.
Instead of staying three weeks per year on holiday in a 4 star hotel, I’d swap my flat with one at the first stair with the garden.
Probably it’s only a matter of priority.

domenica 6 aprile 2014

searching for the right white

(Zara - 39.95€, 49.95€)
For me, spring and summer mean white. My wardrobe is full of white dresses, tank tops, and shirts, that I really can't put on during winter, I can't explain why. My last obsession of the week is white trousers. I've never had ones, perhaps because I'm not too self-confident, and white trousers - above all skinny, as I want them now - don't mask anything.
While I'm searching some of them around, I imposed a rule on me: I'm not going to buy them until I've gone running at least 10 times from today. So I go, bye!

venerdì 4 aprile 2014

paris thrift

Last post about Paris, I promise. Clearly I couldn't miss some vintage/used-items markets, which the French capital is at the centre of the world for. Above all short-sleeves shirts, and trousers, looking to summer. What do you think about it?

Shirts: 3€ each
Trousers: 5€ each

martedì 1 aprile 2014

parisian farirytale

Coming in Paris is the beginning of a fairytale. And as it is made of princesses, castles, and heroes, you realize the ville lumierewelcomed you thanks to some details. The first “Brasserie” sign, ivory on a red background if possible. The outline of the Eiffel Tower that – you don’t know how it can do it – appears among the buildings, wherever you turn around. A man with a baguette, and another one, and another one again. The blue plaque in Rue de Rivoli and an indication to the Opera. The tree-lined avenues in the center, but also in the suburbia, and a guy skating among people. A girl, with the fringe and a striped t-shirt, runs on her heels like she has never done anything different in all her life. And everyone lived happily ever after.

venerdì 28 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Lucitisima

I discovered Lucitisima pretty much... Today! I couldn't stop searching for her old looks (I looked until something like September 2013) and now I can do without it. I was seriously tempted to go out and buy a pair of white jeans, above all because almost everything Lucita wears is from H&M or Zara (like the marble ones I absolutely have to find). Discovering a new blogger is a great satisfaction!

giovedì 27 marzo 2014

don't pay the gym!

Surely, gym is a great monthly cost I’m trying to avoid in every way. Anyway, it doesn’t mean to neglect workout, not because it’s useful for one’s health and all that blablabla, but just because I love to eat and I need a way to keep fit. I already told you about the Nike+Running app in this post, but when it rains, it’s cold outside, or time is not enough you need a way to manage at home. I searched a lot (and I continue to do it) a series of specific exercises for each part of the body. At the moment the ones I am comfortable with are the following. Try them! (At the beginning I didn’t know the name of the exercise too, but you can just google the exact words and you’ll find a billion images of them).

martedì 25 marzo 2014

hairdresser - 8€

Desperate fashionista has her hair cut. By a Chinese hairdresser, obviously. In fact this is one of my favourite ways to save money. You can’t avoid this opportunity if you’re people like me, who go to the hairdresser just for “a little trim”, and exit with straighter hair than the Imetec advertising. Just for 8€, after half an hour you’ll exit with the hair of the most appropriate Avril Lavigne in her “Complicated” videoclip. They don’t bend even in case of 70% of humidity, as it was today, without considering that the experience at the hairdresser is purified by old gossipers and useful chatter. What can I ask more?

lunedì 24 marzo 2014

my outfits lately

It's above all in these rainy days at the end of March that there's nothing that makes me happier than a little bit of colour. In fact in the last days I got carried away by the new trend, that takes yellow, blue and pale pink on the streets. Forgive me for green, unfortunately I have a bad addiction, and you can't joke on this. 
Here are for you some outfits just got up, and some others ready to be worn in the next days.

sabato 22 marzo 2014

a sort of home

You take up residence on your own, without money, shared with other people, in a house furnished in the 70s, and even in a bad way. Your only relief valve can be your bedroom, usually small and spare.
Shown below some photos of simple, possible, lowcost, funny,  solutions to transform an anonymous room-pit into something that can be like your “home sweet home”.

giovedì 20 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Frassy

For me  Frassy is: wide skirts, pastel tones, crazy hair, tiny height, double polka dots, puff sleeves, Audrey glasses, and above all Paris. “A spontaneous overflow of fashion”, using her words. At this point, I think it’s taken for granted why I’m obsessed about her blog.

martedì 18 marzo 2014

ode to simplicity

“Luxury is the expression of rude wealth that wants to shock who remained poor. It's the expression of the importance given to appearance, and reveals the lack of interest in everything is cultural elevation. It's the triumph of appearance on substance.
Luxury is necessary for a lot of people who want an impression of supremacy on the others. But the others, if they're civil people they know luxury is fiction, if they're ignorant people they'll admire and probably envy who live in clover. But who's interested in the admiration of ignorant people? Maybe stupid people.
For example: how a gold tap can be necessary? If some polluted water spills from that gold tap, isn't it smarter putting a purifier keeping the normal taps with the same costs? So, luxury is the wrong use of expensive materials, which don't improve the purpose.
In other words, I want to say that luxury is not a problem of design”.
Bruno Munari, “Da cosa nasce cosa”, 1981

lunedì 17 marzo 2014

lowcost magazine editorial

It's true, I'm subscribed to ELLE magazine, I confess, and I often fall in love with its articles. But I'm sorry, my favourite fashion shootings are for sure the ones by D Repubblica, which gives you newspaper+weekly publication for 1.60€. Lowcost wins, one more time.

sabato 15 marzo 2014

travelling is always a good idea

We all know that travelling is awesome, it’s not necessary saying it. But is it really useful visiting thousand places, tasting briefly some little thing under the summer sun, led by who knows which tour guide or similar? I don’t know, this is not my style. Finding some time to go some days on a strange vacation, in an unusual period in which Ryanair begs us on its knees to get on its plane, is always possible. And my surprising advice is: come back in the same place, more times, in different seasons, in the distance of years, because it’s better knowing and understanding a place, a culture, a population deeply, rather than being strangers, or better tourists, everywhere. Maybe I’ll grow up, I’ll realize I haven’t enough time to visit all the countries I want to, and I’ll change my mind drastically, but it’s not the time. Is there anyone else like me?
If yes, or also if not, in two weeks I’ll leave to Paris for the ninth (or tenth?) time, spending 55€ for the flight, round flight I mean. My boyfriend will accompany me, and - as always – my friend Ryanair, that leaves from Bergamo, from Milan for 4€ and comes back from Paris for 15€ (alas!). and yes, distances are measured in euros, because kilometers and time don’t exist; they’re discovery, travel experience, while money doesn’t grow on trees. Even easier and often cheaper, Thello night train leaves from Venice or Milan for 35€ and gives you good morning in the center of Paris, usually enriching you with some new curious knowledge. And then, there’s someone lucky to have a brother that lives there; for all the others, couch surfing exists.
And the holiday is served.

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Cuillère à absinthe

My mood of this week is for sure that of Cuillère à absinthe.
I’m partial to her hair, her fringe, the vintage tone of her photos, to stripes and polka dots,  faded denim, gray, and her loafers. Saying that Typhaine is a great inspiration is not enough, for me she’s rather a model.

martedì 11 marzo 2014

super basic

Last day on holiday before the beginning of the second semester and I can enjoy it just wearing a very simple outfit, and a dose of relaxing polka dots. Yeah, they’re an addiction to all intents and purposes.

lunedì 10 marzo 2014

HOW TO: make a 2.50€ clutch

As I told you yesterday, I found this fabric sample - probably made for upholstery – at the Sunday morning flea market for 2€. I bought there the zip for 50 cent, too. Just not to waste anything about the weave I love, I decided to make a big-enough-clutch to contain a magazine (and the other thousand things I take with me when I go out). The realization is very easy and fast, you need only a sewing machine.

domenica 9 marzo 2014

thrift sunday #2

It’s incredible how spring can be felt even in such an alien-to-nature city as Milan. It’s impossible to escape from the sun light of these days. As far as I’m concerned the best way to take advantage of a Sunday March morning is – scoop – to get lost among the stands of a flea market. With the help of my complete meteoropathy, I can consider the shopping I made today one of the best of my career as markets scrutineer.
  • ·High waist light jeans: 1€. Usually my rule is not to buy trousers but these one had clearly the size written inside, so I didn’t have any doubt. These are satisfactions.
  • ·Dotted dress + belt: 1€. To tell the truth, at the beginning my attention was captured by the belt in a corner (and, yes, by its dots), and I’d bought it without any problem for 1€. Unfortunately, I got the dress with it – with polka dots, too – and of my size. What a bad luck.
  • ·Cloth remnant: 2€. It doesn’t say anything on its own, even if the weave is  irresistible.  The aim is to make a clutch or something similar.  I hope to see the result in the next days.
Target of the next market: more bags, less clothes. 

venerdì 7 marzo 2014

apps - Top 5

I want to thank technology for sure, and aboveall the Appstore. Although we’re talking about a huge world, and who knows how many apps I’ll discover in the future, I want to share the ones I depend on at the moment and that makes me save (or I think they do) a lot of money.
Il ringraziamento di oggi va sicuramente alla tecnologia, ma soprattutto all'appstore. Per quanto sia un mondo immenso e chissà quante app ancora scoprirò in futuro, per il momento voglio condividere quelle da cui ormai dipendo è che ogni giorno mi fanno risparmiare (o mi illudo che mi facciano risparmiare) molti soldini.

Hoy quiero agradecer la tecnología y sobre todo el Appstore. Es un mundo inmenso, y quien sa cuántas apps aún descubriré en futuro, ahora quiero compartir las de que dependo a esta altura y que me hacen ahorrar (o creo que me hacen ahorrar) mucho dinero.

Sure, it’s not as I’m going to a nutritionist, but this app allows me to organize my meals according to weight, measures, tastes and activities I do during the day, however it doesn’t allow me to lose more than a kilo per week (which I think is the right amount). The option I prefer is the grocery list that is already ready: a dream.
Non sarà certo come andare dal dietologo, ma questa app permette di organizzare i propri pasti in base al proprio peso, alle proprie misure, ai gusti e alle attività svolte durante la giornata anche se non permette di perdere più di un chilo a settimana (e mi sembra pure giusto). L'opzione che preferisco è la lista della spesa già pronta, un sogno.

Por cierto no es como ir al dietista, pero esta app permite organizar las comidas según el peso, las misuras, los gustos y las actividades hechas durante el día, pero no permite perder más de un kilo por semana (que creo es la justa cantidad). La elección que prefiero es la lista de la compra ya preparada, un sueño.

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

blogger of the week - Do the Hotpants

The blogger of the week is DO THE HOTPANTS. I love the way Dana can be so original and chic, mixing ethnic and minimal, and playing without taking herself too seriously. Moreover, she deserves a visit just for her brilliant and autoironical comments on looks, poses, and expressions. You absolutely can't miss it. 

lunedì 3 marzo 2014

fuori casa ho imparato che

Only five months passed since I left mum and dad, but I think I've never learnt so many things in all my life. For example: sheets and towels don't change on their own, magically. Books are the best company during a journey, but unfortunately people on train prefer screaming at the phone. Big luggage is more convenient than thousands small bags, and not even in the best astrological-physical-meteorological conditions you can trust in Trenitalia. Breakfast is prepared the night before, during advertising on tv, and pasta and biscuits are never enough.  And grocery shopping at 7pm - when you begin to be hungry , and you would buy 7 kinds of cheese and 12 of biscuits - hurts, to your diet and wallet. In spite of everything a good sandwich saves your meal, even if you're at home. And thanks God if when you get a bad mark is less terrible than when your mum asks: “How was at school?” in the moment you enter home. However, shopping alone (apart from being really sad) is also absolutely deleterious because you finish to buy every useful thing, aboveall if you live in Milan, and every walk concludes in corso Buenos Aires. And unfortunately my cat really doesn't want to go into my luggage. 

sabato 1 marzo 2014

HOW TO tighten a skirt

As you can see I’m completely addicted to polka dots. I buy everything is dotted (sheets too) and several times I found myself drawing them on several objects, even on a pair of shoes. So when I saw this skirt on a stand of secondhand clothes for 1€ I wasn’t able to resist. And as often happens, when I came home I saw it was too big, so as soon as I had a moment I engaged in tighten it. Anyway the passages are simple, you only need a sewing machine and being able to switch it on. I didn’t do a precise job because - honestly – for me it wasn’t necessary... but aboveall because I didn’t feel like doing it!
I unsewed the button, some centimeters of wristband, the zip (only on one side), and the remainder of the skirt side to the bottom. I eliminated the exeeded part, I pinned again the new side and the zip, and I sewed all. I shorten the wristband, closed it again and fastened again the button on the new overlapped part.
The exceeding stripe will soon evolve into a hairband.

giovedì 27 febbraio 2014

zara kids - per adulti

I show you my new passion in the field of economy. Zara kids. It’s already a few time I buy skirts at H&M kids because they costs less and they’re often cuter than some horrors at H&M adults. But the real turning point is the new items of the new collection by Zara, they seems designed according to my tastes. There are little flowers, lace, pastel colours, bon-ton dresses, and they surely costs less than the majority of adults dresses. Sizes go to 164cm. one of the few advantages of being a little person!

mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014

striped dress - 35€

This is my best friend in “What do I wear?” mornings. After all stripes, as polka dots, always work and never go out of style for me.
I’m very attached to these photos taken almost a year ago by my friend Diletta, to that Mango dress bought in Antwerp more than a year ago, and to my short hair that, who knows, maybe will return.

martedì 25 febbraio 2014

blogger of the week - Anything Else

Going back to our blogger of the week. I think my weakness for fringe and vintage is not a secret, and it’s exactly for this reason that  Anithing Else is absolutely one of my favourite blogs. At least someone able to valorize totally, without needing legs a meter and a half long, with items always cheap and often available online. Thank you Lucia.

lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

watercolor outfit

I’m a great supporter of dreams, which become loyal fellows when you can’t afford the things you dream. Some days ago I was very bored and I tried to draw some outfits, entirely composed by real items. I think I’ll do it again, but on a different paper.

venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

shoes: 15€ and 10€

To tell the truth, I’m not a big fan of secondhand shoes, aboveall because most of the times they’re too consumed or extremely ridiculous. Only two times it happened I found some decent pieces according to my tastes. I found the first pair more than a year ago in Paris for 15€. I already used them a lot of times, and when I bought them they were in a really good condition. On the other hand, the second pair comes from the Milanese markets: I bought them for 10€ and I used them only three times, although they’re very comfortable.

giovedì 20 febbraio 2014

fashion week streetstyle

Ok, we can speak about it. We’re in full Milanese fashion week, and as far as being present at a fashion show live can be extremely exciting, actually what will be in next winter is not really my first thought, at the moment. Aboveall if it’s a matter of items with two zeros too much forward the price. And considering how obtaining an invitation for any fashion show is impossible, there’s no doubt it’s better resign myself and continue dreaming.
But what really makes fashion week so exciting for me is the crowd of fashion-addicted people, who crowd the streets around the cult places of fashion shows because, you know, fashion is born and grows on the streets. Exactly yesterday afternoon, taking courage under the Milanese rain, after being part of an out-and-out fashion show, I decided to station forward the location of Alberta Ferretti show - because I was near that area - ten minutes before its beginning. Here, unexpectedly, within ten minutes,  I saw my greatest idols (in fashion) passing forward me - among which Dulceida, Eleonora Carisi, Anna Dello Russo, Chiara Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro and many more with their incredible mise, for fashion week indeed - shrouded by a big  group of photographers. Surely also the less known hosts (at least at first sight) represented a considerable - and free – window of trends for next season.
Shown below some streetstyle photos of the New York and London fashion week, in which I clearly couldn’t take part.

martedì 18 febbraio 2014

blogger of the week - FASHION FRAMBOISE

New column: blogger of the week. Framboise Fashion: I love Sarah and her thousand vintage pieces. She helps me believing I can get decently dressed without spending too much. I fell in love with her blazers and… I certainly need a market now.

lunedì 17 febbraio 2014

restyling a 4€ bag

I bought this bag some months ago at a Parisian market for 4€. Obviously, after having mistreated it around some times, the handle began to break. After all, even if it would be disposable, I would have bought it the same, just for 4€. Well, the work was already done, I was attached to it and I searched a way to save it. With the help of my vice to not throw away anything, I recycled this little fabric stripe, bottom of a dress shortened some time ago, and I wrapped it up around the handle. I can say I like it even more than before!

domenica 16 febbraio 2014

thrift sunday #1

To tell the truth it was last Sunday, but I’m on holiday and my senses slow down.

Yellow sweater: 50 cents
White sweater: 1€
Coat: 4€
3 fashion books: 5€

I think is one of the first times I don’t regret any of the items I bought. On the contrary, once I came home, I realized I bought more beautiful and useful things I imagined. It’s the case of these three awesome books, that are giving me great satisfactions, starting from the negotiation for the price.  Unexplainably, they wanted me to buy them with other two books in German for 10€ (for all five ones). I decide not to buy the books in German, not because they’re in German, as I logically had to, but just because they are too heavy and unwieldy to take them home. Sick logic that saved me. I reduce the price of the three books left to 6€. It follows a magic moment where the seller doesn’t have the change, he gives me 5€ and I run away. Almost better than that time when they gave me 10€ more of change and I paid a pair of vintage shoes 15€ instead of 25. Probably it’s my irresistible charm’s fault..

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

new shoes - 19.90€

(h&m - 19.90€)
It all comes from an intellectual me, who wants to go visiting the Pinacoteca of Brera, hoping for a free entrance passing me off as an Architecture student - after all the major you attend is not written on the Politecnico pass. Well, it seems that at the ticket office of Brera a lot of students of the Poli have been seen, and they knew I would have been both an engineer (???) and a designer. And when they asked me to prove I'm attending Architecture, I had to slip away, just not to pay 3€ for the ticket (that I didn't even have). Sad and depressed, I decided  that the only way to take comfort was to go shopping. Accidentally, I bumped into these shoes by H&M: it was two years they were on its website, but I've never been able to find them in stores. Morale: to not spend 3€ for the ticket, I spent 20€ for a pair of shoes :D Anyway I'm satisfied... I think they're a great alternative to the more famous Jeffrey Campbell or to Superga, and maybe I rather like them a little more (pure belief), even though they'll last a little less (above all on my feet...).

martedì 11 febbraio 2014

when I grow up I want to be: ELEONORA CARISI

What are fashion, style, and class for me? On one hand they're a lot of bullshits created by magazines/expensive brands/people with a lot of money, on the other hand they're people like Eleonora Carisi, who surely has a lot of money but she found how to use it not to be expected nor ridiculous in any way (in reverse to other “fashion icons” who crowd the streets during fashion week).
When i'll be able to achieve the all-Italian elegance of this marvellous girl, please apprise me. My life will have sense. 

domenica 9 febbraio 2014

50 shades of yellow

In the end yesterday I went accidentally to Zara. While I was directed to the latest sales – cleverly put at the rear of the store – I wasn’t able to avoid looking at the new collection. It’s more than clear that the colour chosen for this spring is every inch yellow. From canary yellow to lemon, with shades of mustard. Better if matches with some shades of blue. So today I fell back on the stands of a flea market and… I found a pastel yellow sweater for 50 cents! When they say fashion returns… I’m ready for spring.

venerdì 7 febbraio 2014

un mese per me

Exams finished! No idea on their results – obviously – but knowing I’ll can dedicate next month only to myself and to my thousand projects I have in mind (how many of them will I realize?) it’s enough, and this makes me enthusiastic. The weather is clearly against me and I suspect rain will have the best on my trusted weekend markets, which I haven’t been able to visit for so long. The fact is that I’m completely without money, but with an uncontrollable need (hahah) of new clothes. I think time and will to go through will finally help me fixing those items I bought with great (too much) confidence for few money in a vague (and useless) hope to tighten/shorten/modify them with my new super beautiful sewing machine. Will I be able to do it? We will see on the next days. In the meantime I’ll delight my first night of pure and cheerful freedom, and I’ll delete all alarm clocks from my phone.
To tell the truth, I am always me, so I already have a great list of all the things I have to do these days, among which going to the Sunday morning market at Navigli (if the weather allows me to). Visiting the tourist Milan, aboveall by walk, without destination and swiftness (that is the same as swearing, in Milan). Visiting the Pinacoteca of Brera: I’ve often been to the stationary shop ahead, but I’ve never entered the museum (scandal!). Reading at least two books from the beginning to the end – the first one will be for sure “The Master and Margarita”. Going to the gym for at least more than an hour a day, and in the moment my subscription will expire beginning again to go running seriously. Seriously. Seriously, it will never happen seriously. Making the very last round in the shops with sales up to 70%, hoping for the “stroke of luck of the season”, for that piece found for very few money in which nobody saw its potential, snobbed up to your arrival, and the reason you will be proud of until next season. To finally relax yourself the entire afternoon at the park, better if it’s a sunny day, thank you. Sewing something for me, from the beginning to the end and without excuses. Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping until you feel bad, and having breakfast in bed.

martedì 4 febbraio 2014

fast lunch for 50cent

That moment, during your exams in which you don't even have time or money to cook yourself a real meal. Instant noodles come to save you. 1 minute microwave to boil 200ml of water and 3 minutes to make them absorb it and..lunch served.
I'm in love with these ones from Tiger, just 50cent per pack. I like to eat them with chopsticks to feel that exotic taste.

Aquel momento, durante tus examines, en el cual no tienes tiempo ni dinero para cocinar una verdadera comida. Noodles instantáneos llegan para salvarte. Un minuto en horno de microndas para hervir 200ml de agua y 3 minutos para que la absorban y... Comida servida.

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