mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013

14,50€ for 5 sweaters

Here in Milan winter has just arrived and knitwear is becoming my best friend.
I would wear them everyday, with jeans or high wasted skirt, so that's why I feel like I always need new ones.
Everytime I go to a flea market (and trust me, I go to flea markets very very often..) I can't stop myself buying sweaters. They've always been quite basic shaped so you can find a lot of them, even back from the 90s, which look pretty fashionable even if they're old fashion, and you don't even have to search for the right size (flea markets are the only places where I thinks that beeing fat is super cool) cause what's better then a soft oversized sweater?
I will surely write a post (or more then one!!) about how to shop at thrift shops and flea markets and about my favorite ones. Now just some snaps from my wardrobe. Make some comparisons, do you think is it worth it?

 Black Sweater from flea market: 1€

Suno: 461€

Camel Sweater from Flea Market: 1€ 

The Row: 1170€                                Forte_Forte: 395€

 Burgundy Cardigan from Thrift Shop: 2€

                               Freda: 455€                                                 Jardin des ornagers: 535€

 Grey Sweater from Vintage Shop: 10€ (I'm pretty sure it's handmade)

Theory: 256€

Grey Sweater from Flea Market: 50cent (yes, it's Marina Yachting, cool!)

Iro: 189€
xo Ele

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