lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

4.50€ for 4 skirts

It's almost New Years eve, finally time to dress up! Today I show you the super cheap skirts I found at the latest flea markets I've been to. What do you think? Are they cool+cheap enough?

Blue skirt: 2€ (Sunday Navigli market - Milan)

Black Skirt: 0.50€ (Fiera di Sinigaglia - Milan)

Printed Skirt: 1€ (Fiera di Sinigaglia - Milan)
(I want to shorten it, I'll show you how to do that)

Dotted skirt: 1€ (Sunday Navigli market - Milan)

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  1. oddio ma sono bellissime...devo andare anche io a fare un giro sui navigli :)


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