martedì 4 febbraio 2014

fast lunch for 50cent

That moment, during your exams in which you don't even have time or money to cook yourself a real meal. Instant noodles come to save you. 1 minute microwave to boil 200ml of water and 3 minutes to make them absorb it and..lunch served.
I'm in love with these ones from Tiger, just 50cent per pack. I like to eat them with chopsticks to feel that exotic taste.

Aquel momento, durante tus examines, en el cual no tienes tiempo ni dinero para cocinar una verdadera comida. Noodles instantáneos llegan para salvarte. Un minuto en horno de microndas para hervir 200ml de agua y 3 minutos para que la absorban y... Comida servida.

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