venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

shoes: 15€ and 10€

To tell the truth, I’m not a big fan of secondhand shoes, aboveall because most of the times they’re too consumed or extremely ridiculous. Only two times it happened I found some decent pieces according to my tastes. I found the first pair more than a year ago in Paris for 15€. I already used them a lot of times, and when I bought them they were in a really good condition. On the other hand, the second pair comes from the Milanese markets: I bought them for 10€ and I used them only three times, although they’re very comfortable.
A dire il vero non sono una grande fan delle scarpe usate, soprattutto perchè la maggior parte delle volte sono troppo consumate o estremamente ridicole. Solo due volte mi è capitato di trovare dei pezzi decenti e che incontrassero davvero i miei gusti. Il primo paio, più di un anno fa a Parigi per 15 euro. Ormai le ho usate parecchie volte, ma quando le ho comprate erano veramente in ottimo stato. Il secondo paio invece arriva dai mercatini milanesi, le ho pagate 10 euro e indossate solo tre volte nonostante siano molto comode.

Diciendo la verdad no soy una gran fan de los zapatos de segunda mano, sobretodo porque la mayoría de las veces son demasiado consumados o extremamente ridículos. Solamente dos veces he encontrado unos artículos decentes según mis gustos. He encotrado el primer par más que hace un año en Paris por 15€. Ahora los he usado muchas veces y cuando los he comprado estaban en óptimas condiciones. De otro lado el segundo par llega de los mercados milaneses: los he pagado 10€ y los he usado solamente tres veces, aunque si son muy cómodos.
(Traduzione di Giulia Piaser)

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  1. Cool vintage, love to see how they aged so well. So glad I clicked on your comment on CHICMUSE and got led back here to yours. It's seriously full of GREAT info and juicy pics here! Just followed you on GFC and bloglovin', be sure to see more of you soon. By the way, I just posted my new layering (step-by-step) post on how to style some old CÉLINE floral trousers and make them new new again. Check it out to see how many layers does it take to get to the juicy center haha!

    xx The Provoker


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